8th ICP Forests Scientific Conference | Ankara, Turkey | 11-13 June 2019

Trends and events - Drought, extreme climate and air pollution in European forests

Three decades of monitoring effects of air pollution in the International Co-operative Programme on Assessment and Monitoring of Air Pollution Effects on Forests (ICP Forests) under the UNECE Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution (Air Convention) has provided long-term data series and a unique asset for the evaluation of status, trends and processes in European forest ecosystems in a changing environment.

The scope of the 8th ICP Forests Scientific Conference is inspired by the recent drought and other extreme events occurring across Europe in 2018. The main focus of the conference is therefore on forest ecosystem effects from recent and past extreme events caused by drought, heat, storms, frost and flooding.

With “Trends and events - Drought, extreme climate and air pollution in European forests” we aim to promote the extensive ICP Forests data series to combine novel modeling and assessment approaches and integrate long-term trends with extreme weather events across European forests.

We are proud to welcome Svein Solberg from the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO) who will give the key note on combining ICP Forests data with airborne data. The title of his presentation will be "Satellite remote sensing: An extension for ICP-Forests?“.

The 8th ICP Forests Scientific Conference will take place jointly with the 35th Task Force Meeting of ICP Forests.